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Physics of Money is a classic expose on financial Intelligence that is bound to transform the way you think about money. Feature packed with several light bulb moments!


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In a world where time is the actual trade comodity, buying and selling time smartly is key financial intelligence capacity that every one must possess. Money Moves over time, learn to buy and sell time smarter.
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This course module will inspire you and provide a comprehensive step by step guide to starting and growing your own business
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Money moves by harnessing the numerous opportunities that surround us. However, many are unable to see the business opportunities surrounding them and hence cannot take advantage of it. This course will x-ray several business opportunities spanning into several fields that you can tap into.
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Physics of Money Education for Entrepreneurs and Business owners will transform the way you do business and help take your business to new heights.
2017-08-08, Light Edge
Light Edge Systems is providing opportunity for interested people to earn an extra income by certifying them to provide Physics of Money Master Class training and mentor-ship workshops in a special franchising program. What are you waiting for? You can become a POME facilitator by completing the Master Class Sessions.
2019-06-01, Light Edge
Current Workshop Session Holds at Rainbow FM 90.7 Studios in Johannesburg
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2019-04-20, Light Edge
Physics of Money Business Summit holds once every year with the just concluded session being a huge success. The summit is an intimate session centered around building sustainable business.
The Conference will feature top speakers from various business sectors to train and inspire you to go to the next level in your business. The expo will provide opportunity for you to showcase your products, goods and services. To reserve an exhibition stand, send a message to enquiries using the contact us menu.
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Physics of Money Education

Physics of Money Education is a subsidiary of Light Edge Systems Pty South Africa. The training programs and workshops provided are not designed or intended to qualify or accredit students for employment. The content of our programs are rather intended for the personal financial and career development of our end users.